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When to travel to Thailand- High season is December to January

When to travel to Thailand

Can't decide when to travel to Thailand? The tropical climate in Thailand is warm and humid with temperatures averaging 31°C (85°F) all year round. Perfect if you’re on one of the islands with a cooling sea breeze...

Thailand is a great place to travel at any time of year, but it does have some specific climate zones. Generally speaking, the driest months are December to May, ideal for all types of activities in both North and South.

Take a look below at our Thailand climate information for a little inspiration on when to travel to Thailand.

You can build your own Thailand holiday with our bite-sized tours, perfectly suited to the time of year that you wish travel. Pick and mix our Thailand tours, Bangkok tours and Southern tours in Thailand to create your own adventure.

Thailand weather in December?

Christmas is a great time for a tropical beach holiday on one of Thailand idyllic islands and paradise. Understandably, this is also the busiest time of year, so it's best to book early and beat the crowds!

We'll help you build a brilliant island hopping adventure in Thailand during December. Choose to escape on the secluded Robinson Crusoe island in Southern Thailand or lively beach hotspots on our island hopping Thailand bite sized trip- it's completely up to you.

In December, the weather is pretty dry across all regions of Thailand, so it's an ideal time to explore the whole country. Try one of our popular Thailand holidays including everything from elephant trekking to island hopping and floating huts on the River Kwai.

When to travel to Thailand - Beats Christmas indoors...
When to travel to Thailand - Tropical island hopping

Rainy season on the islands

The rainy season in Southern Thailand lasts longer than that of North and Central Thailand, so your planning needs a little more attention if you're hoping for sunshine.

Generally speaking most of the rain falls along the south-west coast. The small rainy season starts in May, when rains showers can be infrequent and unpredictable. This monsoon season lasts until mid June. The monsoon starts again in August and peaks in October around Phuket, Krabi and Ko Raya. Around November, Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao will bear the full brunt of the rains so don't expect bikini weather until December, when it's generally sunny everywhere. If you’re planning when to travel to Thailand and you'd like to visit Ko Chang, the best time to travel is October to April. 

Weather for temples and trekking

Bangkok and Central Thailand
Temperatures average 30C all year round. Most of the rain falls from May to September but it’s usually in the form of the occasional refreshing shower at the end of the day. The local guides know what to expect during monsoon season and the activities in our Thailand tours and Thailand holidays will be planned keeping the rains in mind.

Northern Thailand
This region doesn’t have a real monsoon season. There may be the odd shower from August to October but because the temperatures are cooler here than in other parts of the country, they usually pass quickly. The hottest months are April to May, when temperatures can reach 35C. Keep this in mind if you’re planning a trek. Take a look at our Chiang Mai tours to get started.
When to travel to Thailand - Monsoon monks

Where to go when? 


Best time to travel 


Good time to travel 


OK to travel but there may be some other factors to be aware of


Best time to travel            

Where to travel


Best itineraries for the weather


   All  Suitable for all of our itineraries


   All  Suitable for all of our itineraries


   All  Suitable for all of our itineraries


   East coast islands  Thailand on a Shoestring, A Taste of Thailand, Through Tropical Jungle to Elephant Island


   East coast islands  Thailand on a Shoestring, A Taste of Thailand


   East coast islands  Thailand on a ShoestringA Taste of Thailand


   East coast islands  Thailand on a Shoestring, A Taste of Thailand


   East coast islands  Thailand on a Shoestring, A Taste of Thailand


   East coast islands  Thailand on a Shoestring, A Taste of Thailand


   Ko Chang  Through Tropical Jungle to Elephant Island


   West coast islands  Suitable for all of our itineraries


   West coast islands  Suitable for all of our itineraries

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